What is an Editor’s Pick & Trusted User

There are two ways in which you can reward a commenter for their activities on your site. You can mark a comment as an Editor’s Pick or make a commenter a Trusted User. For more on how to perform these actions please see our moderation article.

On this page, you will learn the difference between:

  1. What is an Editor’s Pick
  2. What is a Trusted User

Please note: You must be logged in as a site administrator or moderator to perform these functions.

1. What is an Editor’s Pick

An Editor’s Pick is a special designation assigned by site moderator or administrator to comments they’ve identified as a valuable user contribution. An Editor’s Pick badge will appear within the user’s comment, giving the commenter greater exposure, and strengthening their relationship with your community.


2. What is a Trusted User

You can reward your most active commenters who have engaged your community with meaningful contributions by awarding a Trusted User badge. Trusted Users have a special badge beside their username and given these benefits:

  • They bypass moderation filters and settings
  • They bypass spam filters