What are Badges?

Badges are a type of recognition a user can achieve through active participation on a site by commenting, liking and sharing. These badges will be displayed next to your display name within your user profile, letting others know how active you are within that online community.


Video Star
Awarded based on the number of video contributions

Awarded based on the number of likes and replies received

Awarded based on the number of comments and likes made

Awarded based on the number of replies you’ve made to other’s comments

Awarded based on how frequently a user comments

Two other User Badges that you may see in comments are Trusted User and Moderator, these badges are assigned by site administrators.

Trusted User
Assigned by site administrators to users who have been actively engaged and whom are believed to have, and will continue to make meaningful contributions to the community

Trusted users have a special icon beside their name which allows for a few benefits:
They receive an icon that displays beside their name
They bypass moderation filters
They bypass spam filters

Assigned by site administrators to a person who will monitor conversations for bad language, inappropriate content, etc.