Viafoura’s HTML5 UI on mobile devices

Viafoura can reach your audience with our responsive UI which works across browsers, platforms, screen sizes, and orientations. Our commenting module will function just like it does on the desktop tool, but with some stylistic changes to adapt to screen size and orientation. Shown below is a comparison of a desktop and mobile view.

To deliver a consistent social experience Viafoura’s mobile styles take effect at 320 to 480 pixels in window size and touch screen input.

Please note: Mobile images shown are with the 320 to 480 pixels range. Mobile devices outside this range may not look the same.

  • When logging in on a mobile site, the enabled social logins will only show icons. Social logins will also open in a new window and after successful login, will return the user to the commenting module
  • To keep the mobile site clean and clutter free, the tool tips seen when hovering over options like the Follow button have been removed
  • To give comments more space, user avatars are not visible by default
  • Users will only be able to submit pre-recorded video, image, and text comments on a mobile device

Please note: All of our features are customizable and can be changed to match your sites look and feel with simple CSS overrides. Examples of overrides can be found here.