How to increase registration and participation

Reducing friction during login has shown to increase registrations by over 400%.

Viafoura provides an out of the box solution for one-click registration with social networks, called social login. With social login, your audience can use their existing login credentials for social networks that they use frequently to log in to your website and easily participate in the conversation.

Below are three ways Viafoura helps reduce friction during login.

Email Registration + Social Login

You can allow your users to log in with their social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc ) or with their own email and password. This method is used when you want to provide your audience with another method of participating beyond social logins. Below is how the login box would appear to your audience when prompted to log in:


Social Login Only

Some clients choose to allow their audience to log in with a social network only (and no option to log in with an email and password). This is a tactic often used to encourage civil behavior, as accounts are tied to an existing online profile. Below is how the login box would appear to your audience when only social login is enabled:

Anonymous Commenting

Anonymous commenting (i.e. posting commenting without logging in) has both pros and cons. It allows users to post ideas without attaching them to personal identities. This typically gets more honest and unique ideas, as well as higher engagement since there is no friction for logging in.

However, caution should be used to this approach as it does allow for individuals to make aggressive comments without fear of repercussions. This can however be mitigated through Viafoura’s Automated Moderation that filters out personal attacks and aggressive behavior.

This approach is good for kick-starting a community and can always be turned off later.