How to search for a comment

Administrators and moderators can search for comments that contain certain words in the Moderation Admin Console.

To perform a simple comment search in the Moderation Area, use the search box labeled “Comment Text” and enter keywords. The results will be shown below the search box and will include published and disabled comments.

To search for comments with additional criteria like username, click on the Advanced Search to reveal additional search criteria.

  • Comment Text: The comment text contents
  • Name: The username of the user that created the comment
  • IP: IP address of the comment at the time of submission
  • Before and After date range: The submission dates of the comment
  • Article URL: The full URL of the article that the comment was submitted on. This will return a list of all the comments for a specific story
  • Fingerprint: The user fingerprint generated by Viafoura
  • User ID: Viafoura User ID
  • Comment Type: Limit results to comments that contain either an image, video, or text or all types