How to read the Analytics Dashboard

Viafoura’s Analytics Dashboard provides key insights on your community’s engagement and demographics. It is the first page of the Analytics section within the Admin Center. This document will go through each area in detail to help you understand how to navigate this tool. The details of the other Analytics pages can be found here.

The dashboard is composed of two sections, Engagement Metrics and User Demographics.

Engagement Metrics include the following areas:
  1. Activity bar: Allows you to switch between metrics
  2. The Engagement graph: A graph of two comparable time frames
  3. Time Period drop-down menu: Preset time ranges used to view your growth over that time frame
  4. The Change number: The percentage change of engagement
  5. The KPI summary: Shows the total interactions for each metric (Defined below)
  6. User demographics: Metrics on gender, age, education, and interests collected from users who allowed their information to be shared

Engagement Metrics

  1. Activity bar: Allows you to switch views from seeing the growth of all or specific interactions on your site.
  2. The Engagement graph: A visual presentation of growth, plotting site interactions of two comparable time frames. View current performance against past performance to benchmark progress and see your interaction growth over two consecutive time periods.
  3. Time Period drop-down menu: Select from a list of preset time frames to see how each metric is performing. This Week/Month/Year, is defined by the current date, with each week beginning on Sunday and each month starting on the first. If the selected time frame is incomplete, future dates will show 0. The previous time frame shown for comparison will always match the number of days in the current time frame. For example, if February is the current month, the last 28 days of January will be shown as a comparison.
  4. Change number: Represents the average value of the previous period compared to the average value of the current period shown on the engagement graph. If the selected time frame is partially complete (For example, if “this week” only spans from Sunday to Wednesday) the average for the current period will be calculated by taking only the values that can be compared to a previous date.
  5. The KPI summary: Shows the total number of new interactions for each metric (Defined below) and is applied to the time period you’ve selected:
  • Comments – The total of all text, video and picture comments posted to your site.
  • Users – The total amount of registrations to your site.
  • Likes – The total amount of likes that were indicated on comments throughout your site.
  • Shares –  The total number of comments that were shared over social media from your site.
  • Follows – The total number of users who followed another user, or comments made on your site.

User Demographics 

User demographics: Collected through Viafoura’s social login and calculated based on the number of users who allowed their information to be shared. For example, if 50% of users logging in via a social network provided gender information, the calculation of male and female user will be a breakdown of that 50%.

  • Gender – The percentage of individuals who identify as Male or Female.
  • Age – The percentage of individuals who have indicated an age range.
  • Education – The percentage of individuals who have indicated education levels.
  • Interests –  This is a total count of the number of individuals who have included their interests.

Please note: Social login must be enabled for your site before we can capture this data.