How to moderate comments

Clients can choose to moderate comments in one of two areas, within the Viafoura administration site or at the story level. Moderation abilities include enabling, disabling, marking as spam, making an Editor’s Pick, flagging a comment, or setting bans on users.

On this page, you will learn the following:

  1. How to moderate comments from an article
  2. How to moderate comments from the admin site


Please note: You must be logged in as a site administrator or moderator to perform these functions.

1. How to moderate comments from an article

From the comment thread on an article page, you can moderate comments after signing in as an administrator or moderator. A gear icon will appear at the top right of any comment and provide Moderation actions like disabling comments or marking as Spam. If you change your mind, you can reverse most actions from here as well.

  • Mark as spam – A comment that is marked as spam will no longer appear in the commenting thread, a comment can also be unspammed from the article page
  • Disable comment – A comment that is disabled will no longer appear in the commenting thread, a comment can also be approved from the article page
  • Ban user – Banning a user from the story level will result in an indefinite permanent ban, removing the user and their past comments from the site. Moderators and administrators will continue to see the user’s comments, however general users will not. Once you ban a user from an article, you cannot unban them from this point, removing a ban is only possible from the administration site. For more information, please review this article.
  • Make Editor’s Pick – This will add an icon to a user’s comment and push it to the top of the commenting thread for greater visibility
  • Make Trusted User – This gives active users a badge, as well as special benefits. For more information, please review this article
  • Flag – Flagging a comment will place it into the awaiting moderation queue on the administration site for further review, a comment can also be unflagged from the article page

2. How to moderate comments from the admin site

To moderate content in the Viafoura Admin Center, login to, and navigate  from Moderation to On-site. Select which category of comments you want to review from the left panel. To the right of each comment you can select actions similar to those taken on the story level, however you will not be able to flag a comment, mark a trusted user, or ban a user from the Moderation tab. To learn how to designate a Trusted user from the administration site, please go here. To learn how to ban a user from the administration site, please see our article here.