How to create site administrators and moderators

Viafoura will create your first site administrator. Once the first site administrator has been assigned, they will be able to log in to the Viafoura Admin Center: and assign other users as administrators and moderators.

Adding Site Moderators and/or Administrators

As a site administrator, you can assign other users as site administrators and site moderators. To create site administrators and moderators, please follow the steps below:

  1. Ask your user to sign up with a Viafoura User account through your site.
  2. As an administrator, navigate to the Users area in the Viafoura Admin Center and find their user.
  3. View the user profile and select Promote to Mod to assign Moderator privileges or Promote to Admin to assign Site Administrator Privileges to the user.vfadminuserprofile
  • Moderators can disable, approve, and promote content, they also get a special badge which displays on the comments they leave.
  • Administrators can perform all the actions a moderator can, but also has access to the Analytics tab, which shows metrics on community engagement and manage Site Settings, which  allows you to change various settings (Such as moderation and commenting settings), for the site.