How to change article moderation settings

Clients can choose different moderation settings for a specific article. If there is a story you believe will garner a lot negative comments, you can choose to have the comments pre-moderated or closed completely for this particular story. This article explains the different options for page level moderation.

Please note: You must be logged in as a site administrator or moderator to perform this function.


To change the moderation setting at the page level, click on the drop down menu and select one of the following options:

To use the default setting, select:
  • Use Site Defaults: Uses the site settings established on the administration site under Settings and Moderation, to determine moderation status
To close page comments immediately, select either:
  • Close commenting on page: Prevents new comments from being added to the page, however all previous comments made will remain visible
  • Disable and hide comments on page: Prevents new comments on a page and hides the commenting interface. Users cannot see any pre-existing comments, and cannot create new comments
To override both pre-moderation and site wide moderation settings, select either:
  • Pre-moderate and ignore expiry on page: Places all new comments into a queue for approval and forces a page to stay open for commenting indefinitely
  • Allow commenting and ignore expiry on page: Allow all new comments to bypass pre-moderation, and forces the page to stay open for new comments indefinitely
To only override pre-moderation site settings, select either:
  • Pre-moderate until expiry on page: Places all comments into a pre-moderation queue and closes the page for new comments. This setting allows you to turn on pre-moderation for a page without overwriting your site wide moderation settings established on the administration site
  • Allow commenting until expiry on page: Allow all new comments to bypass pre-moderation, and closes the page for new comments according to your site-wide moderation settings established on the administration site