Comment moderation views

The Moderation Admin Console allows administrator and moderators to filter comments in different views. By default, the All Comments view is shown when admins or moderators visit this area. On the left hand side of the Moderation Admin Console, you will see a list of views that filter comments.

  • All Comments: This is a list of all the comments on your site, regardless of status (i.e. approved, disabled, etc.)
  • Approved: All the comments that are published.
  • Disabled: Comments that you have disabled and removed from public view (Admins, moderators and users who created the disabled comment will be able to still see the comment)
  • Removed: Comments that have been removed by the user who created it. (Comments will appear here if the Site Settings allow user to remove comment)
  • Flagged: Comments that have been flagged by a user on your site will appear here for your team to review. Comments are shown in descending order, with the oldest comments appearing first.
  • Spam: Comments that have been marked as spam by our spam filtration system or by an administrator or moderator and removed from public view.
  • Editor’s Pick: Comments that been designated as valuable and given the badge of Editor’s Pick.
  • Awaiting Approval: If you have chosen to pre-moderate comments for the site or article, comments awaiting approval will be shown.