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Viewing a User Profile

Each user in Viafoura has a profile which administrators or moderators can review. A User Profile will display the following: Profile tab: Their current display name, email address, joined date, total commenting activities, overall site rank, and earned badges Comments tab: All comments submitted by the user Video tab: All comments that contain video assets Image […]

Viafoura Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Support

Viafoura can reach your audience with our responsive design principles that work cross-browser and cross-platform to deliver a consistent social experience. We support the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11+, and Chrome on the latest supported Operating Systems (Windows 7+ and OS X Sierra+). Viafoura offers full-featured SDKs for Android and iOS. Viafoura’s […]

What are Badges?

Badges are a type of recognition a user can achieve through active participation on a site by commenting, liking and sharing. These badges will be displayed next to your display name within your user profile, letting others know how active you are within that online community. Video Star Awarded based on the number of video […]

What is an Editor’s Pick & Trusted User

There are two ways in which you can reward a commenter for their activities on your site. You can mark a comment as an Editor’s Pick or make a commenter a Trusted User. For more on how to perform these actions please see our moderation article. On this page, you will learn the difference between: […]

Viafoura’s HTML5 UI on mobile devices

Viafoura can reach your audience with our responsive UI which works across browsers, platforms, screen sizes, and orientations. Our commenting module will function just like it does on the desktop tool, but with some stylistic changes to adapt to screen size and orientation. Shown below is a comparison of a desktop and mobile view. To […]

How to use the Moderator Log

The Moderator Log provides an audit of all the moderation and user actions that administrators and moderators have performed with the site. To access the log, you must login to admin.viafoura.co as an administrator or moderator. In the Moderation Admin Console. On the left panel, select the Moderator Log to access this feature. Once in this […]