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How to set up pre-moderation for comments

Administrators and moderators can pre-moderate comments by reviewing and approving comments before they go live. There are two methods to set pre-moderation: per article or site-wide (for all comments). On this page, you will learn the following: How to pre-moderate comments per article How to pre-moderate comments site wide Please note: You must first be logged in […]

How to enable only social login

Viafoura enables both email login and social login, giving users the option to register either using an email address or a social media account. Both login types have their benefits: Email registration allows users to register with just an email address and password. Social login connects to a social network and can retrieve basic user information […]

Community Social Plugins

Viafoura has multiple social plugins that can help you build a community around your content. We offer: Content Share Bar Comment Count Trending Articles Trending Comments Editor’s Picks Pull Quotes Active Users Recent Comments Learn how to install our Social Plugins, please visit our Development Center.

Content Discovery Plugins

Viafoura provides content discovery plugins that highlight trending articles and comments across your site in real time. These tools highlight site-wide trends, drawing attention to the most engaging content on your site and increase pageviews, attention time, and community engagement. Below you’ll find more information on the following plugins: Comment Count Trending Articles Trending Comments […]

How to create site administrators and moderators

Viafoura will create your first site administrator. Once the first site administrator has been assigned, they will be able to log in to the Viafoura Admin Center: http://admin.viafoura.co and assign other users as administrators and moderators. Adding Site Moderators and/or Administrators As a site administrator, you can assign other users as site administrators and site moderators. To […]

How to change article moderation settings

Clients can choose different moderation settings for a specific article. If there is a story you believe will garner a lot negative comments, you can choose to have the comments pre-moderated or closed completely for this particular story. This article explains the different options for page level moderation. Please note: You must be logged in as […]

How to ban a user

You have the option of banning users from posting to your site. You can achieve this through one of two locations, on any article that the specific user has commented on or from the Viafoura Admin Center. On this page, you will learn the following: How to ban a user from an article How to ban a user from the […]

How to reset your Viafoura Admin Center password

If you have forgotten your password for the Viafoura Admin Center, you can easily reset it from the login screen using the following steps: Visit admin.viafoura.co and click on the “I forgot my password” link. Submit your site domain and email address of your Viafoura Administrator account. An email will be sent containing a temporary password will be […]

How to read the Analytics Pages

Along with our Analytics Dashboard, our analytics pages provides a wealth of information about the activity on your site. Viafoura’s analytics pages are designed to give you an easy to read, graphical presentation of your community’s performance through key indicators of engagement. In this article you will learn about the components that make up the […]

How to read the Analytics Dashboard

Viafoura’s Analytics Dashboard provides key insights on your community’s engagement and demographics. It is the first page of the Analytics section within the Admin Center. This document will go through each area in detail to help you understand how to navigate this tool. The details of the other Analytics pages can be found here. The […]