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General Settings

Viafoura’s General Settings Tab allows you to set various site wide functions, such as setting your site’s default language, while others are explained in further detail below. Disable “Follow” and related email notifications: Removes the Follow options across the site and email notifications management from their User Profile Disable login, logout and account handling via widgets: […]

Comment moderation views

The Moderation Admin Console allows administrator and moderators to filter comments in different views. By default, the All Comments view is shown when admins or moderators visit this area. On the left hand side of the Moderation Admin Console, you will see a list of views that filter comments. All Comments: This is a list of all […]

How to manage the Banned and Spam Words Filters

Blocking certain words from your site’s comments can be crucial to keeping the content relevant, clean and within your site’s commenting guidelines. Site administrators and moderators can block out certain words which they deem inappropriate (such as obscene or racial terms). Viafoura’s commenting module comes with a list of preset banned words, however, you can […]

How to increase registration and participation

Reducing friction during login has shown to increase registrations by over 400%. Viafoura provides an out of the box solution for one-click registration with social networks, called social login. With social login, your audience can use their existing login credentials for social networks that they use frequently to log in to your website and easily […]

How to enable Real-time Commenting

Real-time Commenting allows your audience members to see new comments as they stream into the page without having to refresh the page. This enables users to engage with each other around your most powerful stories in real-time. Enabling Real-time Commenting also keeps your audience engaged in active discussions and reading new comments as they stream in. Please note: […]

How to search for a comment

Administrators and moderators can search for comments that contain certain words in the Moderation Admin Console. To perform a simple comment search in the Moderation Area, use the search box labeled “Comment Text” and enter keywords. The results will be shown below the search box and will include published and disabled comments. To search for comments with additional criteria […]

How to enable Edit and Remove functions for users

Viafoura allows your users to edit or remove a comment they’ve submitted to your site. You may allow one, or both of these options and set a time limit for these comment option. To enable the Edit or Remove comment functions, please follow the steps below: Log into admin.viafoura.co. Go to Site Settings, and select Commenting Tool in […]

How to moderate comments

Clients can choose to moderate comments in one of two areas, within the Viafoura administration site or at the story level. Moderation abilities include enabling, disabling, marking as spam, making an Editor’s Pick, flagging a comment, or setting bans on users. On this page, you will learn the following: How to moderate comments from an article […]

How to enable anonymous commenting

Anonymous commenting allows users to leave a comment without having to sign in with an email or social network credential. As no registration is required, this may increase the amount of users who will leave a comment, however it may also lead to aggressive commenting behavior, as there are no user credentials to hold an […]

How to modify the Content Share Bar

The Viafoura Content Share Bar provides your readers with the opportunity to share articles to their social networks and drive attention to your site. Please note: Prior to any modifications on the Admin Center, you must first have the Share Bar installed. If you do not already have this feature, please contact one of our […]