General Settings

Viafoura’s General Settings Tab allows you to set various site wide functions, such as setting your site’s default language, while others are explained in further detail below.


  • Disable “Follow” and related email notifications: Removes the Follow options across the site and email notifications management from their User Profile
  • Disable login, logout and account handling via widgets: This setting applies to clients who have an existing login system in place and want to remove the Viafoura and social network login tools
  • Disable Avatar management via widgets: Prevents Viafoura login users from uploading an avatar through their User Profile
  • Disable Display Name management via widgets: Prevents Viafoura login users from changing their display name through their User Profile
  • Enable page updates for ‘description’, ‘image’, and ‘title’: Allows Viafoura to update page values when the description, image and title of an existing page is updated
  • Set email notifications default frequency: Defines the default email notification preference for new users. Recommended to set as Never to allow user to opt in for email notifications
  • Select time zone: Defines the default time zone for displaying date/time for user and for Viafoura Audience Insights