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How to change article moderation settings

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2014 11:01AM EDT
Clients can choose different moderation settings for a specific article. If there is a story you believe will garner a lot negative comments, you can choose to have the comments premoderated or closed completely for this particular story. This article explains the different options for page level moderation on the Viafoura commenting.  

Please note: you must be logged in as a site administrator or moderator to perform this function.

To change the moderation setting at the page level, click on the drop down menu and select one of the following options:

To use the default setting, select:
  • Use Site Defaults - uses the site settings established on the administration site under Settings and Moderation, to determine moderation status.

To close page comments immediately, select either: 
  • Close commenting on page - prevents new comments from being added to the page, however all previous comments made will remain visible. 
  • Disable and hide comments on page - prevents new comments on a page and hides the commenting interface. Users cannot see any pre-existing comments, and cannot create new comments.

To overwrite both premoderation and site wide moderation settings, select either:
  • Premoderate and ignore expiry on page - places all new comments into a queue for approval and forces a page to stay open for commenting indefinitely. 
  • Allow commenting and ignore expiry on page - allows all new comments to bypass premoderation, and forces the page to stay open for new comments indefinitely.

To only overwrite premoderation site settings,select either:
  • Premoderate until expiry on page - places all comments into a premoderation queue and closes the page for new comments. This setting allows you to turn on premoderation for a page without overwriting your site wide moderation settings established on the administration site. 
  • Allow commenting until expiry on page - allows all new comments to bypass premoderation, and closes the page for new comments according to your site wide moderation settings established on the administration site

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  • Viafoura can be found on many websites across the internet, but we don't moderate for our clients - we don't delete or modify your comments. If you require assistance with a comment you have posted, or technical help, please contact the website directly and we will work with them to find a resolution.
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