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Dealing with aggressive users

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2015 12:20PM EDT
Sometimes a community may be negatively impacted by inappropriate behaviour from a specific user. Below are 8 tactics you can employ to stop this behaviour
  1. Enable login through social networks. Users tend to behave better when their online identity is attached to their real identity.
  2. Enable the "Smart Moderation" functionality to stop personal attacks and other abusive behaviour before they reach the public.
  3. Reach out to the offender directly. Start an email dialogue to hear out their concerns while also reminding them that their passion is valued, but for a community to thrive on open dialogue, users need to behave in a manner that is inline with your community guidelines.
  4. Add any commonly used words the abusive user is creating to the "spam word" list.
  5. You can assign some of your readers as site moderators. By selecting users you trust, you can have a wider coverage of your commentary and have them monitor the tone of the conversations. These users can moderate from the front end tool only (and will not have access to or any personal data).
  6. Ban the user's profile. Through the admin panel, you can ban a user and disable all their comments. You can also ban by IP, but this is a blunt tool (it may also ban other people who share the same IP). If the offending user is persistent and technical, they will know how to circumvent this.
  7. Watch for the offender to reappear with different account names. If the user creates multiple accounts after they are banned, you can stay on top of the new account creation and ban them as they happen. This may cause the user to lose interest over time.
  8. Ensure that your editors participate in the community. If users know their content gets viewed by staff, they generally behave better knowing that their content can get removed (or potentially promoted). This will also have the benefit of setting the tone of your conversations.
  9. You can pre-moderate all your sites comments (or only a section of your site if the behaviour is only happening on a specific section on your site). Pre-moderate means that you would review all the comments before they go live.
  10. If the user is performing illegal acts, you can let them know that you have contacted the authorities and this is now being dealt with through official channels (i.e. legal or law enforcement). 


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  • Viafoura can be found on many websites across the internet, but we don't moderate for our clients - we don't delete or modify your comments. If you require assistance with a comment you have posted, or technical help, please contact the website directly and we will work with them to find a resolution.
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