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Last Updated: Jul 30, 2015 11:45AM EDT
Highlight your community and drive more page views.

We recommend at least one social plugin be used with a Viafoura core commenting install. These social plugins will highlight the community (and the content they create), as well as drive more page views within your site.

Comment Count
Attach a comment counter to article headlines on your front page, section page, article lists or page headers.

Article Share Bar (Real Time)
Enable users to share your content using various social networks and see how often your stories are shared with a built in share counter.

Trending Articles (Real Time)
Feature the stories that are trending on your site in real time, based on their recent number of comments. This social plugin shows which articles are capturing the most engagement and links out to those articles, driving up page views and time spent.

Trending Comments (Real Time)
Highlight the comments that are trending on your site in real time, based on the number of replies or likes received, and drive traffic to your most engaging stories.

Pull Quote (Real Time)
Feature a story's most valuable comment as a pull quote on the body of the article, drawing attention to the story’s comments and increasing engagement. Control the highlighted comment by automatically choosing from the most liked, most replied, or latest Editor's Pick.

Editor's Pick List
Displays a list of the most recent content (i.e. text, video, image) that have been marked as "Editor's Pick" by a site moderator. This social plugin builds a strong bond between editors and users since an editor manually picks a comment and highlights it and displays it on their property (Editor's picks can both be on the side bar and directly in the main content as supplementary meta information).

Allow your users to rate an article page out of five stars, displaying the average rating after the user has rated.

Recent Comments (Deprecated)
Displays the the most recent comments posted on your site. This is good for sites that are just building their communities (< 1M page views or low commenting activity) and trying to show activity on the site.

Active Users (Deprecated)
Feature a list of your community’s most active users. This social plugin puts a face to your community, and builds brand loyalty by highlighting the users who actively participate on your site.

Most Popular Comments (Deprecated)
Displays the most popular content (based on number of likes, social shares, users credibility, # of replies). This social plugin shows which comments are the most engaging, and links out to the articles those comments were made on (driving page views and time spent).

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