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How Realtime Comments Work

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2015 04:03PM EST
Viafoura clients can choose to enable realtime commenting for their site. With this feature enabled, you'll be able to load new comments into view as they're submitted, and have a conversation with community members in real time without ever having to refresh the page. Here is how it works:

Toggle realtime on and off

​When realtime comments are enabled, you should be able to see a status indicator above the commenting thread. This indicator is also a toggle, so you can turn off realtime comments on the page at any time - this can be helpful for mobile devices or when you just don't want to see notifications for new comments.

Get notified of new comments on a page

As new comments are posted on the page, you'll see an indicator bar with the number of new comments posted. You can choose to load these comments into view by clicking the bar at any time. This bar tracks the top of your screen as you scroll down the page, so you don't have to worry about scrolling back up to find new comments. As new replies are posted to an existing comment, you will see a special bar displayed for that comment. Clicking it will load just the new replies for that comment.


Get notified when comments are edited

Some sites allow their audience to edit their own comments for a time. When a comment is edited by its author, you will see a notification by the comment. You can click it to display the changes made to the comment.


'Likes' are automatically reflected

As more people 'like' a comment, you will see this counter increase automatically. If your site has the 'dislike' option enabled, it is automatically updated as well.

Please note: sites may appear differently from the images above


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  • Viafoura can be found on many websites across the internet, but we don't moderate for our clients - we don't delete or modify your comments. If you require assistance with a comment you have posted, or technical help, please contact the website directly and we will work with them to find a resolution.
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