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How to use the Ban function

Last Updated: Oct 09, 2014 05:10PM EDT

You have the option of banning users from posting to your site. You can achieve this through one of two locations, on any article that the specific user has commented on or from the administration site.

On this page, you will learn the following: 

  1. How to ban a user from an article
  2. How to ban a user from the admin site
  3. How to remove a ban
  4. How to ban an IP address

Please note: you must be logged in as a site administrator or moderator to perform these functions.

1. How to ban a user from within an article

Go to a comment the user has made and click on the gear icon to the right of the comment. You will see an option to Ban user. Clicking on this will permanently ban the user and  remove all comments the user had made site wide. As a moderator or administrator you will continue to see the user's comments, however general users will not. Once you ban a user from an article, you cannot unban them this point, removing a ban is only possible from the administration site (see below). 

2. How to ban a user from within the admin site

You can ban a user from either the Users or Moderation tabs. 

  • Search for the user and click their name to bring up their user profile
  • Go to the Ban tab and select the ban type
  • You can leave a moderator's note for future reference, and a note to the user, informing them of the ban and the reason for it. 
  • Click save to apply the ban

*** To manage your bans, go to the Users tab and select Banned from the left menu.


3. How to remove a ban for a user

If you have created a ban on a user and would like to remove the ban, you can do so easily.

  • Search for the user in either the User or Moderation tab and click their name to bring up their user profile
  • Go to the Ban tab within their profile and scroll down 
  • You will see a bans register and on the active ban, the option to Edit or Expire the ban
  • Click on Expire to remove the ban


4. How to ban by an IP address

To ban an IP address you will need to find the user through the Moderation tab. It is important that you find the user from this screen, and not the Users tab, as the IP address is associated with a comment, not a user.

  • Search for the user in the Moderation tab 
  • Under their profile picture (aka avatar) you will see a Ban user button, click on this
  • You will be brought to the user profile, but will now see an option to check off IP address
  • Check off IP address, enter your note and click Save 

Please note: if an IP address covers a wide range of users (I.e. a person who is commenting from a work computer working in a building) banning a single user may result in banning an entire building. Use this option only when absolutely necessary. 

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